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ARCADEs of MEDICINE is the official journal of the armed forces college of medicine, Egypt. It is open access, peer-reviewed international medical journal. It distributes high-quality papers from the different branches of medical science.

It is publishing original research manuscripts, review articles, and other content related to medicine, including observational studies, clinical trials, epidemiology, health services, outcomes studies, advances in basic and translational research and developments in health education and teaching strategy. The Journal span the entire field of medicine, keeping investigators, clinicians, and specialists up to date on the latest applied science and practical-changing medical science. The members of Armed forces medical college are contributing to international literature, besides there are problems specific to this region and the solutions for them need to be exchanged and this Journal makes a great contribution to disseminate the knowledge amongst interested investigators.

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Current Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1, December 2023 

The Effect of COVID-19 Infection During Pregnancy on ‎Maternal Psychological Health

Pages 19-25

Waleed Adel Atia Kafafy; Kareem Labib; Bassem Aly; Mohamed Elfakharany

Screening of Arterial Atherosclerosis in JAK2 positive Philadelphia negative myeloproliferative neoplasms among Egyptian patients below 60 years old.

Pages 26-31

Ahmed Mohamed Saeed; Noha Mohamed El Husseiny; Marwa Salah Mohamed; Hany Hafez; Mohamed Khalaf; George B soryal; Sara El-Sayed Abd El-Ghani

Diagnostic Accuracy of Computed Tomography for Local Staging of Colon Cancer

Pages 50-56

Paula Lewis Samir; Mounir M. Abo ElEla; Mohamed Abobakr Elseddik; Alaa Eissa Gerges; Mohammed Abd Al-Fattah

The Effect of the Mode of Delivery on Probable Vertical Transmission in COVID-19-Positive Mothers

Pages 57-64

Bahaa Abdelaziz Elhakem; Mohamed Adel Alnazer; Medhat Mohamed Ghanem; Amr Ahmed Riad

Efficacy Of Tocilizumab On Critical Intensive Care Unit COVID-19 Patients: Retrospective Study Among Egyptian Armed Forces Hospitals.

Pages 65-73

Mahmoud Khaled Hussien; Marwa Saad Fathi; Fatma Mostafa Mahmoud; Raafat Zaher Abdelrahman; Mohamed Abd El-Salam El-Gohary; Ahmed Gad Taha

Pregnancy outcome after COVID-19 infection in different trimesters

Pages 82-90

Abobaker Hesham Negm; Ahmed Kamel Sadek Bakr; Ahmed Rizk El-Zayat; Alaa El-Din Nageeb El-Ebrashy

Allen’s Based Algorithm for Management of Fingertip Injuries in EL Helmya Armed Forces Hospital

Pages 101-107

Omar Hany Shawer; Mohamed Mamdouh AbdelHalim; Mohamed Samir Badawy; Ahmed Harfoush; Tarek Elmenoufy; Ahmed El Badawy

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Armed Forces College of Medicine, Egypt

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Assistant professor. Shaimaa Mostafa Assistant professor. Mai Mehrez Prof. Walaa Sabry Prof. Imman Metwally Prof. Hanan Darweesh Prof. Noha Omar Assistant professor. Asmaa Abdelhameed Prof. Mona Abdelsalam Prof. Yara Eid Prof. Marwa Fathi Prof. Lamia Fouaad lecturer. Samaa Kamar Prof. Mona Ahmed Prof. Hussein Hassab El_naby Prof. Mohamed Elkhalawany Prof. Mohamed Kandil Prof. karim rafaat Assistant professor. Ahmed Abdelaal Prof. Maha Elgaafary Lecturer. Abdallah Samy Assistant professor. Shymaa Enany Prof. Mohamed Saad Teaching Assisstant. Mohamed Mansour Assistant professor. Samar Attia Prof. Ashraf Abobakr Assistant professor. Manal Abdelhamid Assistant professor. Ahmed Elshal Assistant professor. Wally Mahfouz Assistant professor. Hazem Elhamid Prof. Gehan Hussien Prof. Hala Gamaleldin Assistant professor. Weam Abeid Lecturer. Ramy Morsy Prof. Mona Mohamed Prof. Azza Aboulenein Prof. Enas Nabil Prof. Manal Ahmed Lecturer. Mohamed Alboraie Prof. Eman Abdelbary Prof. Omayma Khorshid Prof. Wesam Elbakly Prof. Amal Elshal Prof. Soha Abd eldayem Prof. Tamer Hifnawy Prof. asmaa abdelrehim Assistant professor. Basant Mohamed

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